A Slide of Bermuda in Calistoga

Client:  Happy Homeowners
Location: Calistoga, CA
Year Completed:   2014
Sod Type: Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass loves the Napa Valley and Bay Area warm weather. A sun loving variety, Bermuda turfs thrive in areas that get a lot of sunshine. Plus, this grass variety is drought tolerant so it’s perfect for the hot climates experienced in dry areas like vineyards and wineries. Best of all, Bermuda turfs are easy to care for and create attractive lawns all year long. Perfect for home landscapes, parks, and commercial sites that get a lot of traffic, Bermuda grass can stand up against your toughest wear and tear.

Common bermudagrass is drought resistant, grows on many soils, and makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed right. Common bermudagrass produces many unsightly seedheads, but in spite of this fault, it frequently is used on home lawns due to the ease and economy of establishment. Common bermuda may be planted from either seed or sprigs and with intensive management will provide a high quality turf. However, the newer hybrid bermudas are generally far superior. In Australia, bermudagrass is known as Couch grass.

Bermudagrass is also a major turf species for sports fields, parks, golf courses, and general utility turfs. It is found in over 100 countries throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Common Bermudagrass, C. dactylon, naturalized throughout the warmer regions of the United States, was introduced into this country during the colonial period from Africa or India. The earliest introductions are not recorded, but Bermudagrass is listed as one of the principal grasses in the Southern States in Mease’s Geological Account of the United States published in 1807.

For these reasons, this homeowner wanted his slice of Bermuda (well, the grassy part) for his home. He knew the grass would fit right in with the Calistoga lifestyle.  World-famous geothermal hot spring pools, spectacular wines from the growing region,  intimate B&B’s, small hotels, hot springs resort or luxury lodging that ranks with the world’s best. This homeowner knew he needed to wow with his front yard- and he did.  The stunning surroundings work their magic as soon as you arrive. Check out the photos below!