How To Water Your Lawn

Whether the lawn your caring for resides in the mild temperatures of Santa Cruz or endures Sacramento’s extreme climates, these watering tips will help you maintain your lawns beauty year-round. For more lawn watering advice from the experts at Park Avenue Turf, contact us today!

New Sod

Keep sod saturated for the first couple of days. Water for 15 to 20 minute intervals at least 4 times a day, preferably before 12:00 P.M., so that surface moisture will have a chance to evaporate during the day, giving you fewer problems with fungus and disease.

Established Lawn

Deep watering is better than more frequent, light watering because it uses less water, creates deeper, stronger root systems, and discourages crabgrass and disease. Experiment to set up the best watering schedule for your lawn.

Say you’ve watered Monday morning, check Tuesday afternoon to see if the grass looks “thirsty.” You’ll know because the grass will change in color from a fresh, deep green to a dull gray-green almost blue color. Thirsty grass does not spring back quickly and shows footprints.

Water penetrates clay, loam and sand different.

Clayish Soil

Watch what happens when you water for half an hour or so. Puddles and runoff mean you probably have clayish soil that does not allow water to penetrate quickly. Water only as fast as your ground can absorb it to prevent flooding and drowning the grass.

Sandy Soil

Sandy soil wastes water by allowing it to penetrate too quickly. You may have to water more often or for longer periods to keep the root system moist.